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i can not get to my parents if i wanted to, i HATE that feeling. i'm find being away from them for however long i am as long as i know that if need be i can get to them. well i can't. they are in a state of emergency due to flooding. a friend text this morning and said that in one part of the highway the water was up to the floor board of her bf's lifted toyoata pickup. all the passes are closed either for slides or avalanche control. so the main pass that takes me straight there is closed for avalanche control and has a mud slide. can't go there, if i took any of the other passes and went the long way around i couldn't look all the way around to my parents because there is too much water on the highway, and i don't know my logging roads on that side of the highway to get there, nor would my car do so great. so i'm a little bit frazzled, i guess you could say. and yet i have no plans on going there for a week and a half. lol.
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blah...i so do NOT feel ready. and it is so flippin cold outside it is ridiculous
hope everyone else has a good day.
so Jecys and I and my roommate are back at our house. saw Shawn briefly today so we did our lil christmas haha he bought me a hpnotiq gift pack, for later use lol. it's sucky over here, ok, well in a way, there is way way less snow which is great! but it's all icy and stuff. i actually had something to say but now i forgot... oh well classes start tomorrow have Medical Terminology 119 and English 101 and Speech 100. i went to exchange my aero sweatshirt today but they didn't have a large or xtra large i don't know why they couldn't just make it fit like all their other medium sweatshirts. so i'm shipping it to my grandma so she can try at her aero there... Jecys is excited to go back to daycare tomorrow... anyone have any good friends or any good communities i add?
our internet has been down since like noon new years eve. anyways new years eve wasn't as terrible as i thought it was going to be cuz i made it work, i was NOT enthused about driving in the dark but i lived. Jecys and I went to Frankies for like 3 hours and then we went to my dads work. it was pretty good i guess, i'm TIRED so i will try to update more later.
so i'm irritated lol. i want to go party, no, i can't drink, but i LOVE LOVE LOVE the party atmosphere lol, but i don't allow Jecys around a bunch of drunk people, OBVIOUSLY lol. and since i have been at my parents since the 5th of December it has been snowing since the 12th, and i have yet to see my best friend who only lives MAYBE an hour from here[that isn't far when your from a hick town lol] so anyways, Frankie is having a party at his house tonight, and he REALLY wants me to come since i leave on the fourth, and i wont be able to go out there on Saturday, his next night off cuz i'll be getting ready to leave. well my parents are going to the fire station party where there is no alcohol, duh lol. and there will be like four other kids there Jecys' age. so i said to my mom "hey, i want to go to Frankies, but i don't want Jecys there because i know that there will be people drinking there, and since you guys will be at the fire station with other kids could you take him with you?" she was kinda like "eh" cuz she like idk has this thing about me staying at other guys house, besides Shawns, lol. wtf if he doesn't care why should she? which i think shawn is going to try and get over here and go, anyways. so she goes "ask your dad" LOL WTF, dad can't watch my child anyways if he gets a call the kid is stranded therefore mother it s up to you!!! so i feel like a total little kid, so i ask my dad "Dad, can i go to Frankies tomorrow night and you guys watch Jecys" he goes "when are you leaving" "idk sometime before dark, since i hate driving my car at night" "when are you coming back" "by 9:30 tomorrow, since Grandma plans on being here by 10am for our Christmas get together with her tomorrow" "wait i'm confused, your spending the night, i thought it was going to be a day thing" "Dad, Frankie works swing shift and wont even be awake until 3pm" "huh"... wow thank you for the answer, so i'm YET to know what the hell i am doing tonight=/ my dads an idiot sometimes. either way i guess i'll be happy... if the snow freezes tonight and i'm stuck at the fire station, with no alcohol LOL unless i spike something for other people before i leave hah, JUST KIDDING! anyways, if it freezes they'll play ice croakay(sp) which could be fun, i'll probably break my ass hah, but w/e... anyways everyone on my friends list seems to be way ahead of me on time lol. so i hope everyone has a great new years eve, or i hope you did have a great new years eve and happy birthday to littlestars_s =]
Mamma Mia
coloring book
aero hoodie
aero button hoodie
aero zipper hoodie
blazer w/ built in sweatshirt
silk cami
fake ugg boots
make up case
Wii outdoor challenge
Wii sports
Wii remote charger
4 pairs of fuzzy socks
$20 aero gift card
$40 target gift card
home made towels
Shun knife=]
TONS and TONS of stocking stuffers
thats all i can think of lol

3 american eagle shirts
creep lamp of a womans leg in fish nets :\ lol
gardening book
1/5 jack daniels

Geo Air airport
Geotrax fire station
Geotrax rail track pack
Geotrax road track pack
Geotrax lift and load
Geoair remote control jet plain
Geotrax fire engine train thing lol
some other Geotrax train
and a big tub to put it all in lol
Harley Davidson work bench
Little Tikes pop tunes big rocker guitar
Little Tikes Rock & twist body with keyboard mic and swivle seat
Big flyer with safety flag
cars bike
cars helmet
Leapster Go Deigo Go
Leapster Cars
some books
some play clothes
nice clothes
i think that is all

i told Shawn we're naming the baby Harley=] lol... i don't think that he is going for it though!...
Shawn and I are giving eachother our christmas presents like the 4th or 5th=]
get comments on here from you people?!!?!?!?!
it was really good! i'm too lazy to post things we got right now haha, and i'm NOT taking pictures of the things considering everything is put away now so if i post pics they will be from the internet LOL... i'm trying to get some pictures from christmas eve and day but my internet is being dumb.

so there is the only one i can currently get :\ i'll try again later
soo i think the boyfriend and i are going on a date night tomorrow=D soo excited i miss him. it's hard, like we should be married, it'd make sense right? or at least live together, we have an almost three year old and another baby on the way... he lives with his aunt right now and the woman hates me! i dunno why, he doesn't know why. no one knows why!?!?! anyways lol so it's a HUGE pain for him to see me which is even more dumb like if he is with me after work like he stops by she'll call be like 'where are you at?" like seriously woman he is with his girlfriend and the wife of his children what the hell do you think?! so idk he lied to her and said he was hanging out with one of his guy friends tomorrow. but we're gonna do a little shopping, maybe movies, then drive around, and maybe do what got us where we are currently haha. anyways i hope everyones thanksgiving was good. mine was! went to my grandma and grandpas for thanksgiving then took Jecys to his grandparents on his dads side, got up early friday with my mom and went black friday shopping, it was fun and NOT stressful!! this is my last week of my dumb classes, math 75, english 75 and reading 81. then break for a month! then taking medical terminology, english 101, and speech 100 :\. i'll need luck lol. anyways im trying to think of names for the new baby... not doin so hot lol. any fabulous ideas the baby is due in march!